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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What is happiness?

What is happiness? In my point of view people should be optimism to everything even when they are in trouble.
I have heard a story that a man lived in northern frontier of China lost his horse one day. Everyone comforted to him, but the man said how do you know it would not be a good thing that I lost my horse. Unbelievably, the lost horse came back after several days, and it even brought a mare with him. People all said to the man you are so lucky, however the man himself said how do you know it wouldn't be a bad thing. One of the man's son loved to ride, but one day when he rode he broke his leg. Therefore, bad things and good things both lie on your mind, if you think the thing is good then it is good to you, and if you think the thing is bad it will be bad.
At the same time there was a half bottle of water, one people saw it, and he said" o~ there is just a half bottle of water", while another person saw it, he said " o~ thank god! I still have a half bottle of water". For this reason, optimistic people will find happiness from their life, but pessimistic people think everything is bad.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

After listening Steve Jobs's speech

At the Stanford 2005 Graduation ceremony Steve Jobs, the co-founder and CEO of Apple, made a speech and told the students three storiesof him . One of the stories is connect the dots. Steve's family spent a lot of money on his college tuitions, but Steve thought the college was not suitable to him. At last he droped out the school, what's more he thought it was one of the best choice he made. After that he started to learn things which he is interested in, and finally he built his company. The second story is about Steve's love and lose. Steve was fired from his own company, and he started another company after that. When he started his new company he met his wife, and they married. The reason Steve success is he alwasy do things he like. The last story is about death. Steve had an experience about death and this made him to treasure everyday of his life. At last he gave the students the suggestion that stay hungry and stay fullish.
After listening the speech I began to think about my life.

Friday, May 25, 2007

The trip of High Park

When the weather become more and more hot, summer comes. In a sunny

day I and my uncle made a plan - go to High Park to see the Japanese flowers. It

was a long and hard way for us to get there, because my uncle and I both don't

know this place very well, what's worse we even don't have a map. When we

arrived there, it was nearly in the afternoon. However, the sun still shinning

brightly, and there are a lot of people walking in the Park.

Then I began my initial purpose- take photos. The beautiful place attracted
all my attention. I was happy all the way until my uncle told me we were late
that all the flowers had already fell down. I was sad for a little time after that I
was shocked. I saw a half naked man lay on a tree! He looked like feel very
comfortable, and he happily shared the sunshine. Walked around the park with
my uncle for a while I felt a little tired, and I sat down under the flower trees. At
that time the ground were full of leaves of the flowers. So beautiful place!~
At sunset we went home.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Little Miss Sunshine

Q1. What is the grandfather's influence on the boy and the girl? Is grandpa a good person? Explain.

Grandfather has a great influence on the boy and the girl. Though he has a bad habit - drug and always says some bad words, he never let his family members know especially the children. In the movie he is very patient to play with the little girl Olive and teach her a lot of things. He staied with the little girl to practice her Little Miss Sunshain performance and at last encourage Olive don't be afraid of fail. He also told Olive that if she do it, she is a successful person. He taught the children face life bravely and hopefully. However the dance he taught iOlive is unacceptable, and his bad words also mislead the boy. That are his bad impacts on the chidren. All in all gramdfather is a good person even though he has some bad habits such as drug and says some rude words, he has a great influence on the children.

Q2. Do the adults in this movie fit well in the society they live in? If not, what kind of social problems do they have to deal with?

In this movie the adults don't fit very well in the society they live in. For example, Frank who is a gay try to suicide himself after an unsuccessful love. Olive's father Richard also have some pronblems about his career. It appears that the hole family have a lot of conflicts between each other. The family seems like it's a problem family; on the other hand, the family is crazy and funny. Sometimes they don't obey the rules of the society; for example, they steal the dead body of gramdpa and cross the road to reach the Little Miss Sunshine place in time. Howeve if they still treat things like that, they will be punished by the society rules. The problems are they don't know a good way to deal with other people and always do things very indiscretionary.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Hi I'm Yi ~
Welcome to my blog!^_^

Now I'm a student of yueli in York University.
I'm from Yixing in China a small city famous of zisha teapots and caves.

People who like teapots can come and have a visit there.

In 1988 a girl named Yi was born in Yixing and until she graduated her highschool she went abroad for further study.

When she first reached Toronto her new life began.
After studied in Yueli for almost 5 months she knew a lot of things she never seen before.

Now this is her third semester in Yueli.